Richard Moriarty is well known for his work promoting the rights of people with disabilities. He has been a specialist consultant providing advice and recommendations for County Councils, Police and Prison services and the NHS.

Richard has worked as the Chief Executive Officer of two charities and also of a Community interest company – a company that puts its profits back into creating jobs and a future for the people that worked for it.

Richard says “I am currently promoting sustainability and environmental conservation; improved mental and physical health through engagement with nature.”

“I am employed by a local Wildlife Trust – Richard is currently engaging people with the wildlife of Morecambe bay and the Lake District and creating ways to help people understand and link with their local environment.”

Writing is a hobby and an outlet for a lot of stress and frustration – it can be a great release and I would encourage anyone who wants to be a writer to give up the idea of getting rich from it and to just write for fun. Maybe no-one will like what you write – that doesn’t matter – write for yourself, in your own way, using your own words – it is fun and addictive