Release the bats – Review

This was a book I bought after listening to an interview on radio 4 given by its award-winning author DBC Pierre. In the interview, it described the book as a journey in getting started writing. I was so excited at the idea of a book that really covered a new author and their life struggle to get published that I asked for a copy for my birthday and was duly presented with the same.

What can I say other than I was very sadly disappointed, the book was the worst book on writing I have ever had the embarrassment to own. The focus of the book was less upon writing than it was on the author’s dependency upon narcotics and alcohol.

If you want to know what effects drugs have on a writer or even a young human being – there are probably much better options. If you want a book on getting started in a writing career, can I suggest not buying this one; it has obviously been published on the back of the literary award of the author but I have no idea why it was accepted or published; for me it is nothing more than a literary disaster and would be best recycled for use in the smallest room in the house. However, I should point out that the paper is highly absorbent and not really suitable even for this purpose.


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