When you start a story but it never gets finished.

When you start a story but it never gets finished.

One of my problems with writing, and life in general, is that I’m a starter rather than a finisher. That’s the problem when you have a creative mind or talent; you focus on something for a short while and then something else grabs your curiosity, so you head off to do that instead.

This happens to me again and again. I never have a problem with finding things to do because I always have something new on the go. This does have its drawbacks though; as can be witnessed by my new studio that was built, eventually, for somewhere to do my oil paintings, but got filled with stuff on a temporary basis until I got it sorted out. It then became my studio for my silk painting, my mosaics, wood carving, wire sculptures, weaving, bee keeping and of course for my writing.

You will probably have guessed that my studio has never actually been used for any of these things because it has become a temporary home for all the stuff that goes with all of them. The writing, thank goodness is the exception; that has been established at a new computer desk inside the house. Well I say it has, but actually I’m currently sitting next to that desk using a laptop on my knee because the chair for the desk is still in the studio under a load of stuff.

That’s why I had to change my style of writing; I like many others had this great notion of writing a book and having it published but actually planning a full novel and structuring it is a lot of effort and of course the chances of me sticking with it to the end are fairly small. I now write short stories, no more than around three thousand words which is something I can complete in one sitting.

There is something about completing a task that is very satisfying and I’m learning from that. Now my challenge is to get the chair out of the studio; it will take a bit of digging as it is under the loom and various other bits of equipment; and to sort out a number of short stories that have the same characters and settings so that I can do the NaNoWriMo challenge of fifty thousand words in a month. After all a novel is simply a book made up of small chunks called chapters and those can all be short stories in themselves.



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