Should I put my writing out there?

Is it a strange coincidence that a lot of writers have very few Facebook friends?

Of course well known authors will have many likes and followers but I was just scrolling down another writer’s Facebook page and as I passed the cursor over those that had commented (mostly writers or those who want to be from the comments) it tells me how many Facebook friends they have. It appeared that the majority had less than 100 friends.

Is this a symptom of their writing I wondered?

Well, if like me you have started to put your writing blog out there and people have started to read it then of course the consequence may be that you will start to lose friends (or at least acquaintances) because they don’t like your writing. Most people don’t know that you can simply unfollow someone so that you don’t see their every post. So is it worth putting your blog out there?

Of course it is; writing is an art form, you don’t have to be good in other people’s eyes to be a writer or an artist. In fact if everybody thought you were good then there would be something very wrong, either you would be an unknown artistic genius or more likely, everyone would be saying they liked what you wrote even though they hated it.

Get over it! Art is for the artist, if other people like it; all well and good. If other people hate it; that’s fine too; we all have our own tastes, likes and dislikes; so you shouldn’t take it to heart when people don’t like your work. The same of course comes to getting published; some publishers will love your work and others will hate it, but if you never send it to them you will never know.

There is absolutely no need to send what you have written to a publisher and it may be better for you not to do so. If you love writing, enjoy seeing your words in black and white, or any other colours, just write them. Use whatever medium you choose; be it pen and paper, typewriter or computer but just enjoy the delight of letting your mind flow into the world of the scriptorium.

Funnily enough I haven’t looked to see how many people are un-liking my Facebook page; I’ve never cared how many I had in the first place. What I do know is that those that like my writing will follow my blog if they want to; and it is nice to see a following of more than just myself. It might even mean that there are others out there who appreciate my ramblings and since I get an email every time I get a new follower, it also means that I can look at their writing too and that has given me a whole plethora of new reading materials.

More important for me is the fact that writing is good for my soul, or at least my mind. I find writing a release from the real world and somewhere that I can relax and let go of all my STUFF. That’s an important tool for keeping my stress levels down, keeping me happy and possibly even sane; or at least slightly less insane.

I enjoy writing for the sake of writing not because I have to do it, not for anyone else’s benefit, but for the sheer pleasure of seeing my mind flow into that scriptorium, and it will be there for others to love or to hate as they will.

Of course if you are sending your work to publishers, and I do send stories to magazines and competitions, you need to keep that somewhere offline until it is published or you may infringe the publisher’s requirements, but you can like me, write some things to send to publishers and others for your blog, you then have two channels to play with.



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