Review -How to Write a Short Story, Get Published & Make Money by Christopher Fielden

Having sworn never to buy another book or another course on how to write, I saw an advert for this book and it has really changed me into a writer.
Of course this isn’t really true – I have been writing articles for years but I have never had the nerve to write and attempt to get fiction published, I’m not saying that this book hasn’t been transformational – it has, because I decided that rather than try to write a huge novel and have it turned down by the publishers that I would have a go at writing a few short stories and see what might happen with them.
Having made this slightly crazy decision along came this book and it just screamed out “buy me”.
Well, the bottom line is that I did buy the book and it is probably the best book on writing I have ever purchased – it is the first that is not a “get rich quick – I can make you into a best-selling author” load of utter bollocks.
Chris gives great examples of how to get published, how to get writing, and how to become just as poor and yet happy as he is.
No, you may not become a best-selling author through using this book but then again who knows – it is a very brave book with Chris giving examples of his work and of the reviews he got. He shows how he used the reviews to improve his work and the results of that too.
Would I recommend his book – yes if you want to become addicted to writing, want to really enjoy writing and getting honest feedback.
If you want to get rich quick – rob a bank. If you want to start out as a writer – you could do a lot worse than buying this book.
I didn’t enjoy all of the stories Chris has written but I have enjoyed a lot of them and learned a lot from his honest assessment of his stories and the feedback he got.
Chris also has a great website and both that and the book have a massive amount of information that can help a new writer get their stories out there. I now have seven short stories being considered by various publishers and I’m enjoying the sheer fun of writing.
I have to say I would probably never have submitted them if I hadn’t bought this book – it is well worth more than it’s current market price (I can say that now that I’ve already bought it ;0)
I don’t know Chris personally but I’ve had some good advice from him after contacting him through his website but I’m very happy to give his book this review.

Chris Fielden


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