He Made Me – Honestly

OK this one is meant to be bad – an entry in Chris Fielden’s Writing Challenges –

Adverb Writing Challenge – Many new writers overuse adverbs in their writing. To raise awareness of this, the Adverb Writing Challenge was born. All you have to do is write a story crammed with as many adverbs as you can. 100 words Max.

Here is one of my entries – now published on his site.

He Made Me – Honestly

I was writing inadequately but passionately about an intrinsically difficult topic, that I remarkably and sensationally scripted in lavishly, artistically decorated, beautifully, irrationally coloured script.

I decidedly, overwhelmingly, outdid myself with extraordinarily and ridiculously phrased, insignificantly thought through sentences, that unequivocally proved that I am uninspiringly endowed with a remarkably unexplored ability to uncomfortably waffle, which could undoubtedly send any rationally and sanely motivated person to consider me positively and undoubtedly out of my interestingly unexamined, fractionally endowed tiny insignificantly minuscule little brain.

My only vague attempt to rationally and honestly excuse myself – he told me to do it!


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